Joshua M. Liao & Michael A. Fischer | Huffington Post

In the first year after the approval of sofosbuvir by the FDA, there was a rapid, widespread increase in Medicaid spending on sofosbuvir, but with substantial variation across states. READ MORE

data analysis

Source:  AJPH. 2017. 

Orphan Drugs: Pursuing Value And Avoiding Unintended Effects Of Regulations

data analysis

Substance use criteria for hcv treatment in Medicaid

Early Patterns of Sofosbuvir Utilization by State Medicaid Programs

Evaluating the utilization & eCONOMICS of prescription drugs

​​​​​Joshua M. Liao & Michael A. Fischer | American Journal of Public Health

Facing constrained budgets, most state Medicaid programs adopted prior authorization criteria for sofosbuvir, an expensive but effective treatment for hepatitis C. Despite the potential cost savings associated with strict behavioral criteria, they raise troubling questions in terms of public health as well as medical ethics, clinical evidence, and potentially federal law. READ MORE 

​​Joshua M. Liao & Mark V. Pauly | Health Affairs Blog

Amid scrutiny of high pharmaceutical drug prices, debate about the value of “orphan drugs" has captured public and policy maker attention. Policy makers have expressed concern about the effect of this dynamic on patients and the public. READ MORE

Joshua M. Liao & Mark V. Pauly | Philadelphia Inquirer (Health Cents)

The outcry and scrutiny over drug pricing policies has amplified the national debate over high specialty drug costs. Not all high-priced drugs, however, are created equal. READ MORE


Why drug prices spike and what patients can do about it