The Length Of Medical School Matters, But Not In The Way You Think


Joshua M. Liao | Cognoscenti (Boston NPR)

News of hospital acquisitions, medical innovations, and health c are reform dominated news headlines in 2013. While crucial, however, these topics overshadowed another issue affecting our nation’s health: the length of medical school. READ MORE



Data Analysis

Internship involves learning to meet needs

Joshua M. Liao | Huffington Post

US health care costs are unsustainably high, but the details remain opaque to most physicians, not to mention patients. Can added transparency allow us to shop for care in ways that have never before been possible? READ MORE

Joshua M. Liao | Washington Post

Medical educators are trying to improve patient safety through formalized curricula. But there is a more influential “teacher” shaping the behavior of young and seasoned physicians alike. READ MORE



Joshua M. Liao | KevinMD

EHRs can fundamentally alter the clinical dynamic between patient and physician. With promise, however, comes some potential ethical concerns. READ MORE 



Professionalism Charters in Health Care organizations

Kyle Morawski & Joshua M. Liao | KevinMD

As clinicians continue to debate the merits and limitations of retail clinics, it is increasingly clear that they are here to stay. It remains to be seen exactly how traditional and retail clinics will interact going forward, but economic theory may provide some insight into the potential dynamics. READ MORE


Speaking up about the hidden curriculum

 Joshua M. Liao | Annals Fresh Look

Professionalism charters for health care organizations are needed now, perhaps more than ever.  However, a full view of organizational professionalism involves consensus about what health systems ought to avoid and tradeoff as much as about what they ought to pursue. READ MORE

Strong ethical principles should guide EHR implementation

exploring STRUCTURAL INfluences on clinical training & practice


Joshua M. Liao | Cognoscenti (Boston NPR)
​Medical students — today’s learners but tomorrow’s leaders — must be  trained in how to promote health care value. However, education about how things like infrastructure, policy, economics, informatics, and human resources come together to deliver care has been lacking. READ MORE

Anatomy, Physiology & Policy: Teach Students About Healthcare Costs


Joshua M. Liao, et al | Academic Medicine

In this paper, we develop and test the psychometric properties of a survey to measure students’ perceptions about patient safety as observed on clinical rotations. READ MORE

Shopping for Your Health Care: Can You Tell if the Price Is Right?

Joshua M. Liao | ACP Internist

During my internship, I realized that the hardest thing about my work was not the long hours or volume of requisite medical knowledge but rather the fact that everyone -- including other team members -- has needs. READ MORE

What economic theory can teach us about retail clinics