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Substance Use Criteria for HCV Treatment in Medicaid

​​Joshua M. Liao, Lee A. Fleisher & Amol S. Navathe | JAMA
Social comparisons are increasingly used to influence physicians' behavior. However, instead of simply ranking doctors against each other, professional "norms" are needed to ensure comparisons are appropriate.​ READ MORE​

​​Joshua M. Liao & Michael A. Fischer | American Journal of Public Health

Facing constrained budgets, most state Medicaid programs adopted prior authorization criteria for sofosbuvir, an expensive but effective treatment for hepatitis C. Despite the potential cost savings associated with strict behavioral criteria, they raise troubling questions in terms of public health as well as medical ethics, clinical evidence, and potentially federal law. READ MORE 

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Source: JAMA IM. 2016

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Cost & Quality of orthopedic joint replacement bundles

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Source:  AJPH. 2017. 

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Prescription Drug policy


Amol S Navathe, Andrea B. Troxel, Joshua M. Liao, et al | JAMA Internal Medicine

Medicare has accelerated its commitment to orthopedic bundled payment, but hospitals need guidance on how to succeed under new programs. We describe how bundled payment at one institution was associated with hospital savings and reduced Medicare payments. READ MORE